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Storyteller In The Kitchen (Digital Cookbook)


Nick Stellino – Storyteller In The Kitchen E-Book

Nick Celebrates 23 years on Public television. With his latest e-cookbook Nick presents to his audience a new, fabulous selection of easy-to make dishes, with simple ingredients and coooking techniques as easy as 1-2-3.

Nick’s passion and zest for life are the impactful, driving forces of his creative energy. His family and his youth in Sicily, are at the center of his culinary universe. You will see for the first-time, old pictures from his familyalbum and you will connect with some great little stories that will fill your heart with joy and optimism. This E-Cookbook, more than any other work before, describes in details the life adventures of an Italian American Dreamer, this is the story of the stockbroker who became a dish washer, who became a cook and then a celebrity chef on TV. These series of personal stories, unfold gently in between the recipes, giving the reader a fresh new look into Nick’s past, his passion, his love for his wife and his undying optimism in the face of life’s great challenges.

We could not have thought of a better tag line for this new TV series:

“Come for the recipes, stay for the stories!”

So, give yourself the gift of a smile and get your copy today!