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Stories are at the center of my life.

Not just the ones I hear, but especially the ones my family told me as a boy. Being a good storyteller was a matter of great pride in my family. My uncles were unbelievable and my mom was an absolute artist at it. Even my grandma had a flair of her own in telling us stories of her youth.

My life as a young boy was a tapestry of stories orally recounted, with much drama and inflection, there was no movie theater or movie that was ever close to our modest dining room and the family stories I heard as a young boy.

I did not know it then, but my destiny was to become a storyteller, myself.

I hope my stories will help you capture a much-needed smile, even if at my expense. A well-told story is like a hug, it is a magical moment when we find our smile in spite of our worries. More than a celebrity chef, ... I want to be that guy, the one who makes people smile.

The Lobster Story


Sicilian Revenge

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Breakfast of Champions

Experimentation Is Key

Being Italian

Breakfast in America


The Vegetarian

Funny Farm

The Ocean

Tails From The Gridiron

The Inventor

The Love of Pasta

Meatballs for Life

Hams and Butchers

Dinner Party

He Speaks with The Fishes

He Still Speaks with the Fishes

Travel Bird

Mis Amigos

Il Cenone

To Spoon Or Not To Spoon


The Food Artist

I Love Cheese

Food Memories

Bacon Or Pancetta

Family Matters

The Tomato Whisperer

A Dish To Name

The Great Outdoorsman

Heart Of The Artichoke

503—The Gardener