What makes Stellino Productions Different?

At Stellino Productions, we specialize in generating innovative ideas for exceptional marketing strategies based on common sense.

In today’s crowded media world, with its many different platforms and audience fragmentation, it is extremely challenging to deliver a brand message that will elevate the profile of your products and create demand for them. Market forces are constantly changing, making business models obsolete even before they are implemented. Consumers have become immune to overt brand messages; no one wants to be sold. If your product is not being presented in a way that offers easy-to-grasp solutions to improve consumers’ lives, that product becomes irrelevant. If your product is not on the shelves or if your retailers’ salespeople do not know how to sell it, your sales lose momentum and you lose market share to your competitors.How do you deal with these challenges, and how do you compete against other companies that, in spite of offering lesser-quality products, can outspend you on all sides?

At Stellino Productions, we address all of these issues, acting as a “think tank” that works in concert with your own team to create cost-effective alternative approaches to your marketing challenges. We can even help you present these novel ideas to your retailers, and we’ll work on your behalf to see them fully realized.

The traditional approach to marketing and promotion often ignores what needs to be done to enhance the appeal and relevance of a product in the eyes of retailers. More often than not, a marketing campaign aimed at creating demand for a company’s products does not include a companion set of activities aimed at these retailers. At Stellino Productions, we recognize the critical role played by your retail partners. We’ll work with your company to create a marketing relationship with your core retailers that is based on a mutual exchange of resources rather than on slotting fees and case discounts alone. We specialize in finding the leverage that will help you stand out. We seek out key factors (such as average basket rings, in-store traffic and interactive promotions) that affect the needs of your retailers.

In the last few years, retailers have become “lifestyle” brands of their own; while they have elevated their own image in the eyes of their customers, the majority of their suppliers have failed to recognize the opportunities that have been made possible by this new development. Stellino Productions can help you take advantage of these opportunities. We will work strategically with you to reach out to retailers in new and exciting ways that foster your company’s growth and create demand for your product.

Here is a brief insight into a theory we have developed called Partnership Marketing.