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The Brutus Brothers



These two pans were made by Circulon, and they have an envied past. 

They were delivered to us at the KCTS studios in Seattle for the production of my Family Kitchen TV series almost 17 years ago. I chose these two. 

I call them the Brutus brothers because nothing sticks to them and as far I am concerned, they both look like two muscled ruffians ready to get into a tussle. Their nickname was “Brutus one” and “Brutus two.”

For the 20 years we filmed in Seattle, I always rented a large hotel suite with a fully functioning kitchen and a party-size terrace for outdoor dining, and a full kitchen which I always fitted with my own knives and pans.


Yes, by day I cooked on the show, and by night I cooked myself dinner at home. The Brutus brothers were my go-to pans. I made all sorts of dishes in them, some of which even ended up on TV. 

These fellas are solid and tough. They have a diameter of 9.5 inches. There is a flaw in their original design. The handles were made solid so that when the pan is empty, it tilts back a bit. However, by the time you add your ingredients, they get back to work, and they waste no time in getting to cook. 

Like my crooked lower front teeth, these pans have a small flaw, but their character and performance, just like me, make it impossible not to love them!

Here is what you need to know before making a purchase: 

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