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Tanuzzu is one of my smallest vessels comparable to Teddy in size, except it has handles. I bought it because I loved its color, red. Like the other pieces of bakeware I own, this has been a companion of mine for over 20 years.  Do not be put off by its smaller size. Tanuzzu has plenty of attitudes and is afraid of nothing. The small handles make it a bit easier to move around, which is why I bought it despite having another red baking oval. Tanuzzo is no wimp and despite some horrendous burnouts I had in my culinary exploration, this vessel cleaned up as if it was nothing and went on to create with me some astonishing meals. He might be small, but I love him.

Just like their brothers, they are not made by a prestigious maker of by some top celebrity chef. These are just two common oval bakes that I have fallen in love and kept “at the ready” in my kitchen and stored them for ease in the drawer right below my double ovens. I used them both to cook with and showcase and serve my food at many of our at-home parties for friends and family.

This oval baker measures roughly 11 inches ( including the handles), by 6 inches. This little baking oval might not have a prestigious brand name from some fancy maker in France or Italy, but, I will tell you this, this little rascal has served me with excellence and honor for the past two decades.

I have nothing but the most raving reviews for its performance. As I have shifted all of my baking activities to copper and stainless steel pans, these ceramic oval baker have been somewhat neglected. With more copper pieces coming into my kitchen every day I wanted for someone else to share in the joy this rascal has brought me.

What you get with this new addition to your kitchen is not a purchase. This is an adoption—my family to yours.

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This is a personal item from my home to yours. Processing will take a few weeks since it will be handled with great care. It will not arrive in time for the holidays.

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