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Rosalia The Soup Pot



Rosalia is the Saint protector of the city of Palermo.

I do not know why I called this soup pot Rosalia, but I did. I acquired her as a part of a set of nonstick Anolon pans for my Storyteller in the Kitchen TV series.

I liked her so much took it aside for my private collection. She has been my go-to pot for boiling pasta and making tomato sauce for many years. I honestly think she is beautiful. I love the handles and the nonstick coating, making her an invaluable warrior for your kitchen. For me, she was the go-to every time we made pasta for a small crowd. She is light, sturdy, and she fits perfectly on the stove.

I love looking at her, I would rather keep Rosalia, but my wife has given me the stink eye after another box of copper pans arrived earlier this week. I am looking for another home full of love and passion to give this pot the joy she makes me feel every time we cooked together.

When my wife and I have an extra glass of wine at dinner, she teases me and says: “I think you became a chef on Tv just so you could
collect pots and pans” we laugh, but I think she might be right. 

  • There is only 1 Rosalia, due to her unique nature, she is non-refundable/non-returnable. 
  • This is a soup pot from my personal collection, therefore it is used. Please check the photographs to confirm that you’re okay with the wear on this beauty. 
  • Rosalia is 8 inches tall and about 9 inches wide. 

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