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Stellino Favorites: Silicone Enhanced Gloves



I call these: “ the magical gloves”. As a man who possesses an army of super sharp kitchen knives, I have come to realize that I am not as skilled with the knife as I think. My knives do not know the difference between my finger and a onion, at times I have learned the hard way and it was not pleasant. These knives are an essential kitchen tool for a person like me when prepping ingredients in large quantities. As you all will for the holiday quite soon.

These gloves have given me absolute protection from the occasional nick and cut on my fingers Personally I  adore the efficiency of their protection and the self-confidence they have given me. I also use them to pull a brisket or tri-tip off the smoker or the BBQ and because of the fact they are washable I never worry. Whenever cutting a roast or a steak before serving these gloves give me a firm grip, a sense of complete control over the piece of protein I am about to slice.  In my opinion, they are far superior to any metal fork. I love this product.

* Meets ASTM and ANSI cut level A6

* The gloves come as a pair.

* The gloves are made and work for right-handed and left-handed cooks.
* Made with stainless steel fiber
* Protects from nicks and cuts
* Washable and bleach safe
* FDA approved silicone webbing for grip helps prevent knife and objects from being cut from slipping


*TWO FREE DIGITAL COOKBOOKS INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE, Storyteller in the Kitchen 1 and Storyteller in the Kitchen 2. (A $30 Value)

*At this time, refunds are not accepted for any reason. All sales are final. No returns. 


Small: Fits hands 7 to 7.5 inches

Medium: Fits hands 8 to 8.5 inches

Large: Fits hands 9 to 9.5”

XL: Fits hands 10 to 10.5 inches

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Weight .13 kg

Small, Medium, Large, XL

Additional information

Weight .13 kg

Small, Medium, Large, XL