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Stellino Glass Oil Dispenser



These custom-made olive oil bottles were created as part of a media campaign we launched for my first independent production at the KCTS studios in Seattle. Only I liked them so much I pulled most of them off the promo packages and kept them for myself.

I have just about 3 left. These have been my exclusive go-to oil bottles next to my stove at home. The ones I am selling are brand new, almost 20 years old. I cannot tell you that they are magical or anything, but keep this in mind, I fell in love with them. I was not about to send those to any Tom, Dick, and Harry in the media world as a gift, hoping they would write an article or book me on their show.

My wife says there is something wrong with me, but I do not care. I know I am a bit off for keeping them for so long. I went and visited them from time to time at the warehouse, took a few home with me, and for the years to come, I would like for the rest to find joy and happiness, embraced by love in someone‘s home. I thought it then when I first saw them and even now that I am letting them go, they are just beautiful. 

  • These are about 8 inches tall and made of glass. 
  • There is an etched “S” for Stellino in the design.
  • These dispensers work wonderfully for oil or vinegar.
  • There is (1) dispenser per sale. 
  • Due to the uniqueness and exclusivity of these dispensers, they are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

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