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Nick’s Searing Pan (Carbon Steel 9 inch Pan)



These carbon steel pans were brought in exclusively for the “Steak Episode“ in Storyteller in the Kitchen 2Primarily, I wanted to ensure a perfect sear for the steak on air. 


Instead, they were immediately taken aside by me for my own kitchen. I have no idea who made these pans, but they are heavy-duty players meant to work hard and strong. 


Think of them as similar to a cast iron pan in terms of their benefits but lighter in weight. Their searing is remarkable, and no…. these are not nonstick. They have a very light seasoning on them and with time, just like with cast iron pans, you will season them until they become nonstick.


I like the handle and the shape of these pans and have enjoyed cooking steak, pork chops, and even fresh scallops in them.


These are not gentle giants. They are warriors. I hope they will find a loving home where they will give great joy to any budding new culinary artist looking to better their searing technique.


As I am writing this, my wife is glaring at me because I was trying to hide these carbon steel pans so she would not see them, but I got caught, so now they have to go. I only have two of them! 


Here is what you need to know before making a purchase: 

  • Free shipping included
  • Due to these pans’ one-of-a-kind nature, they are non-refundable and non-returnable. 
  • This is a USED carbon steel pan with some wear and tear – please check the photos before purchasing.
  • There are (2) of these pans from my collection, each is sold individually. 


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