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This paring knife I nicknamed Piccolin ( the tiny one). This knife has a blade that measures 5 inches. The fact that it is this sharp is because I always keep my knives super sharp.

This little blade has a storied past. It had a series of an on-camera stint on the set of my TV series, Family Kitchen and Cooking with Nick Stellino. I loved this little knife so much that I made it part of my traveling kit, and then I kept it in my kitchen at home for the last 12 years.

I have too many kitchen knives!!!

I want Piccolin to bring great luck to another passionate cook like me.

What you get with this new addition to your kitchen is not a purchase. This is an adoption—my family to yours.

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino.
  • Free FedEx shipping (insurance included)
  • We are adding a free 1-year NS-VIP membership to make things even sweeter. If you already have one, we will extend yours, or we can set one up for the person of your choice as a gift that you can deliver via email. (Valued at $34.95)

Please note that this is non-returnable under any circumstances.

This is a personal item from my home to yours. Processing will take a few weeks since it will be handled with great care. It will not arrive in time for the holidays.

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