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Picciotti (Complete Knife Set)



“I miei Picciotti!” This is a Sicilian phrase and it translates to “my crew of young warriors!”

One of the most challenging things to let go of is my collection of traveling knives and carrying bag. I always took these “warriors” with me on the road for the past 15 years. These guys were at my side for every event, festival, appearance, and party, until the constant travel got to me.

I never took any of my knives from home on the road. In the late 90’s one of my knife bags was lost at an event, and it hurt a lot. The insurance paid for everything, but it felt like losing friends. So with this collection of knives, I decided to buy easily replaceable knives. In a certain way, I wanted to keep a professional distance. 

Unfortunately for me, it did not work that way. I fell in love with each and every one of these “warriors”. 

They took me through some really difficult projects and some crazy kitchens scenes. 

There is a lot of me in each of them. 

I want my “Picciotti” to become a crew of dream enablers for anyone that wants to turn their home into their favorite restaurant. I would prefer if they all stay together, so I am selling them with their original knife bag. My joy in this process of parting with them is that they would bring a lot of great experiences to a fellow home chef. 

Al the knives are used, super sharp, and in excellent condition.


Here is a list of them, starting from the bottom and going up:

  1. Damascus blade 9-inch chef Knife
  2. 10-inch sharpening steel
  3. 8-inch Messermeister slicing knife
  4. Mercer 10 inch slicing knife
  5. Mercer 3.5 inch paring knife
  6. Mercer 6 inch boning knife
  7. Lamson Sharp 6 inch chef knife
  8. Mercer 8 inch bread knife
  9. Mercer 7 inch santoku knife
  10. Black Ballistic nylon knife bag containing all these knives, made by Mercer 

Here is what you need to know before making a purchase: 

  • Free shipping included.
  • Due to these warriors’ one-of-a-kind nature, this is non-refundable and non-returnable. 
  • This is a USED knife set with some wear and tear – please check the photos before purchasing.
  • Includes a personalized letter autographed by Nick. 

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