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Piatti di Presentazione (Autographed Soup Plates)



The name in Italian means: Presentation Dishes. In my last 3 TV series, Storyteller in the Kitchen, when it came to presenting the finished dishes we used these plates.

These are the original ones used in each of the episodes in the three seasons of this Tv show.

It would give me great joy to know that these would end up on the dinner table of some of my fans so they to enjoy and celebrate the joy of cooking and eating with their own family using this iconic vessel.

I would love to know that they now star in your own kitchen at home when you present the culinary masterpieces you have made for your family. These are heavy duty serving dishes with a storied TV past.

What you get with this new addition to your kitchen is not a purchase. This is an adoption—my family to yours.

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino.
  • Free FedEx shipping (insurance included)
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Please note that this is non-returnable under any circumstances.

This is a personal item from my home to yours. Processing will take a few weeks since it will be handled with great care. It will not arrive in time for the holidays.

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