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Penny did not have it easy; she was born beautiful and could not shake that. Her stunning looks were unique and often intimidated those around her.

Her makers had even upped the game by decorating her copper-clad coat with a martellato decoration that made her copper glimmer in the afternoon light. She wears the inset medallions in each of her sculptured handles as if they were pearl earrings.


She is aplomb with elegance and style. She was born that way, but this girl also had a stance, character, and strength. Most people did not notice her strengths, because they were hypnotized by her beauty.


They all snubbed her. As far as they were concerned, she was too beautiful and could not have made great food as they did. They thought Penny was just a show pony. Oh boy, they were wrong! She was not just a pretty face, and she wished the other copper pans around her would take notice of that, but they did not.


I acquired Penny to produce my TV series Storyteller in the Kitchen, in which she had quite a role. I loved her so much that I kept her as my personal pan for the past five years. My days of producing TV shows are coming to an end. My wife, Nanci, has encouraged me to part ways with Penny so that she can continue to be a shining star in someone else’s kitchen. 


Diameter: 8″

Height: 5″ 

Capacity: 4 qt 

Material: solid, hammered copper 

Lining: stainless steel 

Knob: stainless steel with copper coin insert 

Handles: stainless steel with copper coin insert


What you receive with this new addition to your kitchen includes:

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino. 
  • Free FedEx shipping (insurance included)
  • We are adding a free 1-year NS-VIP membership to make things even sweeter. If you already have one, we will extend yours, or we can set one up for the person of your choice as a gift that you can deliver via email. (Valued at $34.95)

Please note that this is non-returnable under any circumstances. 

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