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The nickname “Mirabella” is loosely translated from Italian. It means “beautiful to admire.” 


In truth, I found Mirabella a few years ago at an estate sale. She was brand new and unused but completely oxidized. It is a natural change that copper goes through with age when it is not cleaned or polished regularly.


The original owner just stuck it in a closet and forgot about it.


That is not what happened to me. I principally used this pan as a serving vessel. I mean, please look at her. She is absolutely gorgeous. The cast bronze handles are a rare work of art. No one in the world does it like Ruffoni. Walter and his team of artisans went to town on this one. They created gorgeous copper handmade masterpieces that touch all the senses.


Please look at the acorn handle’s design on the lid. It is as beautiful as it is functional. This pan was a pure vanity play on my behalf, and I adore it. I always made quite an impression when I brought it to the table and served my elegant soups right out of the vessel into the serving dishes. This pan sparkles like a jewel! Look at the hammered finish. There are still a few oxidized dots here and there, which I have left undisturbed somehow. I love this look.


Keep in mind I am like a child and have a very personal relationship with my pots and pans like a child does with his toys. Yet this is not a toy. It is a uniquely shaped, top-of-line copper saucepan that will give you years of joy in your kitchen. As for all Ruffoni products, the performance is impeccable.


This is a personal item from my home to yours. Processing will take a few weeks since it will be handled with great care.

Diameter: 6.25″

Height: 4″

Capacity: 2.25 qt 

Cookware: solid, hammered copper

What you receive with this new addition to your kitchen includes:

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino. 
  • Free FedEx shipping (insurance included)
  • We are adding a free 1-year NS-VIP membership to make things even sweeter. If you already have one, we will extend yours, or we can set one up for the person of your choice as a gift that you can deliver via email. (Valued at $34.95)

Please note that this is non-returnable under any circumstances. 

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