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Giusy short for Giuseppina, is one of my greatest pans. This was made by a French company that introduced a line of copper pans of the highest quality lined with aluminum. 


Long before stainless steel became a go-to for all manufacturers as the most famous liner for copperware, this company showed the world what they could do with an aluminum liner. This made their pans incredibly light and astonishingly effective. I did not know any of this. I just bought Giusy because, in my mind, she looked beautiful.


Roasting and braising are the jobs she has performed for me regularly. Still, I must also admit I have taken advantage of her all-beautiful and glimmering exterior to use as a food server at my most elegant dinner parties. Its lightweight and performance make this go-to for just about all roasting jobs. The ease with which she cleans up is a great added bonus. 


Since the pandemic, our lifestyle has changed. Gone are these large dinner parties we regularly hosted at our home. The lid is just gorgeous, and it gives Giusy a unique stance. Giusy has felt neglected, and I have felt guilty. It is time for me to help her find a great new home, a kitchen full of passionate cooks that love to entertain, she has quite a story to tell, and she is quite a rare find for those amongst us who collect copper cookware.


Giusy has an oval shape, measuring 9.5 x7, and is 1 ¾ inches high. A small dent on the lid and the usual stuff markings that come with a busy life in my kitchen. Far more than that, Giusy makes me smile every time I see her. Such joy should not be locked up in a drawer.


What you receive with this new addition to your kitchen includes:

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino. 
  • Free FedEx shipping (insurance included)
  • We are adding a free 1-year NS-VIP membership to make things even sweeter. If you already have one, we will extend yours, or we can set one up for the person of your choice as a gift that you can deliver via email. (Valued at $34.95)

Please note that this is non-returnable under any circumstances. 

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