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Federico “Freddie” has been one of my favorite warriors for the past 10 years. 

His primary duties have always been in my traveling cooking endeavors and especially cooking demos at private parties and corporate dinners.

You could say Freddie and I even developed a real personal relationship. I brought Freddie along with us to our mini-vacation in North California right before COVID-19 struck. Nanci and I ended up staying in the rental away from our home and cats for MONTHS due to all of the restrictions. We were homesick to say the least. 

Nanci and I stayed there secluded, by the ocean, for almost 2 months, and Freddie was my go-to pan for just about any meal. Its nonstick surface is just fabulous, it’s a breeze to clean, and the assist handle makes it a treasure both for serving and carrying around a heavy roast straight from the oven. 

Its 9.5 inches size makes it perfect for all occasions. 

It would be cruel and unjust punishment for a pan with so many great qualities to rest unused in a warehouse somewhere. Rather, I would much more like it if Freddie gets “adopted” by one of my fans and gets a real chance to bring the same joy it gave others.

Here is what you need to know before making a purchase: 

  • Free shipping included.
  • Due to these Freddie’s one-of-a-kind nature, this is non-refundable and non-returnable. 
  • This is a USED with some wear and tear – please check the photos before purchasing.
  • Includes a personalized letter autographed by Nick. 

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