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Dorinda is one sexy evasee-style copper saucepan. The function of this pan was designed to maximize the operational efficiency in building the flavors of a reducing sauce. 


Dorinda is also hand hammered, and it comes with an accompanying lid, something quite rare for these kinds of pans. To add to the rarity of the pan, take a look at that long handle. It is a complete rarity for today. No one today produces such elegant, long cast iron handles.


Notice that there is a small dent on the rim of lid. It came with it when I bought Dorinda.


Dorinda took my cooking to new heights, at one point, I had over 15 evasee pans in all different sizes. I must admit I love this shape. It has proven to be a spectacular one for me. This pan is responsible for many of my sauce ideas. 


I no longer cook for large crowds these days, and it is fine by me. I am enjoying the slow-moving days of my maturity. But it would be a crime for this pan to go unused, left in a drawer to rest for occasional use. I want to find a place for Dorinda in a home like mine, in the hands of a passionate cook who loves to smile, laugh and tell tall tales from the kitchen. She deserves to shine. 


The lining, I was told, is steel, but I believe it is nickel instead. She is in exceptional shape, and this pan is ready for action. She is at her best only when she is cooking something! Dorinda is 9 inches wide and measures 3 1/4 inches high.



What you receive with this new addition to your kitchen includes:

  • A personal letter congratulating you on this acquisition, signed by Nick Stellino. 
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  • We are adding a free 1-year NS-VIP membership to make things even sweeter. If you already have one, we will extend yours, or we can set one up for the person of your choice as a gift that you can deliver via email. (Valued at $34.95)

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