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Autographed Book: Cooking with Nick Stellino

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This to me is an iconic book in my career. After experiencing a great sense of design freedom with my previous two books: Cooking with Friends, 1 and 2, in this book we pushed the design envelope even further. It is almost a personal diary of my professional growth. Where I embrace my love for food and its preparation and not only Italian food.

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The recipes in this book are spectacular, tasty elegant and easy to make. Shrimp with garbanzo arugula and sun dried tomatoes in a chardonnay sauce, are presented along with a spectacular recipe for a succulent risotto made with zucchini goat cheese and prosciutto, a pork chop with apple and whiskey sauce sings languidly to the perfect pears in red wine sauce. This is life at its best, as I see it.



As for me, I want for my books to find a good home, amongst people who value them and cherish them as if they were part of my family. Keep in mind, this is not just a cookbook, it is a constant invite to enjoy cooking for yourself, your family and your friends, this book is a passport to a culinary smile. Once you decide what to do, keep in mind that this book is not returnable, if you buy it you own it!
Be sure of what you want to do before you purchase this.

As for me, I think of each copy of these specific book collections as if they were my children. These cookbooks were not just printed, they were loved passionately even before the printing presses delivered them to me, it was part of a special moment in time for me and something that I will cherish forever.

It would give me great joy to know they end up in a loving home full of joy, smiles and happiness, and I would like to know that my books also helped with all that. These books brought much joy to me and my family, I hope they will find a seat at your table: “ BuonAppetito!”