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Analon Medium 10″ Frying Pan – As Seen on Storyteller in the Kitchen 1 and 2



  1. These two pans worked hard both in the prep and the cook of two of my favorite television series. In my opinion, Anolon had done a remarkable job with these pans. The nonstick surface is on point! They are tough and ready to fly. The handle is a work of beauty both in the design and practicality of use. It seldom gets hot!

I have kept a couple of those for myself. I know I love copper pans, but I am genuinely in love with the beauty of a sexy and functional design.
You might ask, what’s the catch?

This was never an issue, but these pans do not do well cosmetically in the dishwasher. Primarily the outer part will fade slowly over time into a light shade of grey. Handwashing is so easy. Nothing sticks to them, trust me, I tried to challenge their limit, have not found it yet!

These pans never saw the hard jet spray mixed with the acidic attach of a dishwasher tablet. They are used, but they are in excellent condition! I am looking for a home that will treasure them and love them. If you are looking for a great deal on a used pan, this pan is not for you. 
I want these great pans to give much joy to any one of my fans who would find happiness in owning a piece of the cookware connected to my national TV series Storyteller in the Kitchen series 1 and 2.

But, keep in mind these are reliable tools that love to cook great food and not just from my kitchen. They are meant to be used. They will give you enormous joy in all your cooking endeavors.

These pans are fun to play with. Unlike my copper pans, these are much lighter and easy to carry and move around. They have given me enormous joy! In my personal opinion, these pans have a soul.

Size: 10 Inch

Base Material: Induction Plate with Copper Midlayer

Body Material: Hard anodized aluminum

Exterior Finish: Durable nonstick

Handles: Dual Riveted Cast Stainless Steel

Interior Surface: Triple-layer premium-quality nonstick

Lid Material: Stainless Steel

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