Television Production

Public television viewers nationwide have been tuning into our TV series since 1995. Media buys on these nationally broadcast programs offer companies like yours a unique opportunity for cost-effective promotion. Unlike media buys on other programs, your spots become an integral part of our TV series, and these spots are repeated every time one of our episodes airs on public television.

To give you a sense of the long-term appeal and market penetration of our TV series, the 65 episodes of Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen have aired a total of 38,728 times (and counting!) since they were first broadcast beginning in September 2000. They have aired on 424 public television stations in 48 states, and they have been seen in 92 percent of the top 25 markets.

The services we offer go beyond simply running your spot on our programs; we are also happy to produce a TV spot for you if you do not have one featuring your chosen mix of products.