Menu Design

What makes Stellino Productions unique is our ability to integrate our creative and culinary services with your own existing infrastructure. We will collaborate with your culinary team, and event coordinators to secure for you and your company a unique event and an exclusive culinary experience.

Creating the perfect menu to fit the occasion is more than just pulling recipes out of a book.

To us, designing a menu is like writing a poem or painting a magical landscape. It is a work of art which we deploy with passionate talent. We look at food as the ultimate act of communication. We will help you match the right courses with the tone and intent of your events agenda. We will work hand in hand with your team, in the Hotel or Restaurant kitchen, to secure that all the details in every dish will match our own standard of excellence. We will work with the serving team to coordinate the presentation and the delivery of every dish with impeccable timing and execution. We will be part of the meetings schedule leading up top the final event and will address all the changes and challenges that will come, with a relaxed sense of style and a demanding need for excellence. We will insert our team seamlessly inside your existing infrastructure and we will coordinate all activities including our stage performance with the responsible parties of your chosen venue.

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