Cooking With Nick Stellino

This is the companion cookbook to Nick's 2013 and features a new set of easy-to-make recipes that let you make your kitchen into your favorite restraunt.

 Loaded with full-page color photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, the book's emphasis is on fresh, seasonal, and easy-to-prepare dishes.

Cooking With Nick Stellino
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Sample Pages


Additional Recipes

Nick Stellino’s Apple Crumble

Bolognese Meat Sauce

Béchamel Sauce

Baked Pasta with Béchamel & Bolognese Sauce

Braised Chicken Meatballs with Peppers

Chicken Stock

Crab Cakes with Shrimp Sauce & Truffled Confit of Peppers

Nick Stellino’s Magic Cornbread

Pasta with Shrimp, Basil, Parsley & Wine

Risotto with Shrimp

Salmon with Curry & Ginger Sauce

Steak Tartare Semplice

Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar

Terrine of Roasted Eggplants

Trio of Salad Greens with Creamy Black Cherry Dressing

Truffled Confit of Peppers

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