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In 1975, Nick Stellino had spent the first 17 years of his life in Palermo, Italy. The city was rich in culture, music, and food. His family was there. Life was good.

For most of us, leaving such a life for a foreign country would be an overwhelming proposition. Many would even find it frightening. For Nick, moving to America was a dream come true wrapped in a series of challenges, to this day, Nick loves America and a good challenge. His motto is rooted in perpetual optimism: "Life is Beautiful!!"

By the late 1980’s Nick had proven himself as a Wall Street stock broker. He was successful. His career was lucrative. But, Nick wasn’t satisfied.

In 1991 he would walk away from his desk to pursue, of all things, a culinary career. With no formal experience, Nick was told he couldn’t work as a chef. Not to be denied a job in the industry, he took a job as a dishwasher. Eventually he would apprentice with and finally become, some 22 years later, one of the most popular chefs in America.

Leaving the Restaurant business was a huge challenge. But Nick wanted to share his passion for Italian cooking with the world at large. Fueled by the passion of his vision and the same ambition that took him to America , he dove into it fully committed to make his dream of a new TV series come true.

Today, Nick Stellino has ten published cookbooks and a national television series. You’ve probably seen him on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show or any number of national broadcasts; or maybe you've seen him in print.

Nick's TV series have now gone international, here is a sample of his show dubbed in Spanish, Portuguese, and in case you never heard him speak Italian here is one of his last appearances in Italian TV

While his series enters its eighteenth season on national television, Nick Stellino still finds new ways to expand his horizons.

He formed Nick Stellino Productions. The company offers Nick’s talents as a Business Strategist and Motivational Speaker and has worked with the likes of Electrolux, Sears, Frigidaire, DaVinci Pasta , World Finer Foods, Domino Sugar, C&H Sugar, and Sears, Acqua Panna , SanPellegrino and Maurice Lacroix Watches , just to mention a few.

Each year Nick prepares the menu for the Red Cross annual Red Tie Affair dinner in Santa Monica, CA. He also spends months raising increasingly larger donations for the organization. His efforts were recognized in 2011 with his receipt of the Tiffany Award for the Most Humanitarian Chef.

Nick lives with his wife of 30 years, Nanci, and their cats, Lucca and Luigi. He spends what little free time he has at their home in Southern California cooking for Nanci, indulging his love of tailored clothing and, with his Italian's passion for storytelling, writing short stories.

In an age where rewarding bad behavior has become an appealing pastime, it’s nice to know that Nick Stellino is a most compelling figure; a man who allows style, grace, good humor, and good manners to guide him. Here are a few more facts that make him a most compelling man:

He teaches vampires how to cook. You may have seen him teaching vampires to cook Italian in the hit movie Twilight.

He can build his own watch. An avid watch collector, Nick jumped at the chance to assemble his own watch at the Maurice Lacroix factory in Switzerland.

He was presented with the Most Humanitarian Chef Award by the Red Cross. In April of this year, the American Red Cross presented this award to him in recognition of years of dedicated service.

He designs his own clothes. His unique “bespoke” style was featured in an exclusive photo shoot and interview with Astor & Black Custom Clothiers.

He cooks with his friends. His 15th season on national public television features Nick cooking elegant, easy meals with a series of internationally renowned chefs.

When the exclusive Couture Time Jury Prize Awards asked him to be a juror for their American Watch Competition Awards in Las Vegas and to announce the winners, they knew something we didn’t.

In addition to his affinity for fine clothing and watches, his generosity to a worthy cause, and his role as a successful author and television chef to millions of loyal fans, he's a true Renaissance man.

In this age of "Scripted Reality Television" he celebrates 18 years on public television with the airing of his new series and cookbook Cooking With Nick Stellino.

Nick's easy humor, consummate work ethic, creative artistry, and world class talent command recognition. Yet he will not allow himself to be cocky. When questioned as to "why" he responded: " I want the quality of my work to speak for me, long after I am gone."

He might not care to admit this, but he approaches his work as an old fashioned artisan, who is in love with his craft. He rarely stands still and he is always looking for a way to do it better. When asked, "will you ever retire?" he answered with a childish grin, "Never!"

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